De Watergroep

When the De Watergroep (formerly the Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Watervoorziening (Flemish Water Supply Company)) contacted us in 2010 for support for a range of FileMaker projects, it was all hands to the pumps! Literally thousands of individual FileMaker files, originating from the various local offices, had to be converted to version 11. By putting almost our entire team on the job and creating a series of QuicKeys macros we succeeded in getting the job done on time. The positive collaboration with the FileMaker work group at De Watergroep was crucial to this success.

The result was that all the files have now been tracked down, secured by Active Directory (Single-Sign-On), and are centrally available on virtual servers. FileMaker is now used strategically for clearly defined specific projects. The work done by ClickWorks complements that done by the in-house FileMaker team.

Key facts

  • Migration of 2000+ FileMaker Databases
  • 700+ FileMaker users


  • FileMaker
  • E-ID plugin
  • ODBC

ClickWorks is a highly reliable and flexible partner.

Bert De Winter

Head ICT