FileMaker hosting

Anti malware actionsSolid: no compromises on minimum requirementsEU based datacentersMonitoring 24/7 + auto-recover

Extra options

*All listed prices do not include applicable VAT.

Crowdstrike threat detection
You choose the most advanced program on the market to achieve the highest possible level of active threat detection.
12 EUR/month
Our default operating system is Linux but you want Windows.
18 EUR/month
Easy no worries plan
You choose our maintenance plan. This includes free upgrades to the latest versions of your server and migrations to other configurations.
33 EUR/month
VIP onboarding
You choose that we help you with the start-up once. (e.g. upload databases, advice specific settings, …)
140 EUR
Zabbix Custom Dashboard
You choose a custom dashboard while monitoring with Zabbix
13 EUR/month


*All listed prices do not include VAT.


We prepare the hosting server for you at the start of the FileMaker hosting. You can then upload your databases yourself and manage them via the Admin Console. We can also assist you get off to a good start by uploading the databases or advice on specific settings. In that case, we charge a one-time setup fee of EUR 140 for this extra service.

All hosting plans include

  • Valid SSL certificate within the * domain
  • Daily backup
  • Storage of the last 7 daily backups
  • Off-site backups in a remote data center
  • Security updates to the OS
  • Monitoring with Zabbix 24/7 + auto-recover

Maintenance and update options

Easy no worries

You choose our “Easy no worries” maintenance plan that includes maintenance and updates. See above for more info.


You choose to only upgrade upon your request, and only then. Valid point! You are our customer and you make the decisions. We can plan for minor and major upgrades to FileMaker Server or operating system together with you. We charge as you go for each different upgrade as per the table below:


FileMaker Server version upgrade (eg. from 18 to 19) 280 EUR

FileMaker Server small update (eg. from 18.2 to 18.4) 140 EUR

OS upgrade (eg. Windows 2012 to Windows 2019) 280 EUR

Tailor-made hosting

Do not hesitate to contact us for a custom proposal. We take individual and special wishes into account. The following items are important in the customized pricing:

  • Size of FileMaker databases
  • Number of users and WebDirect and FMGo connections
  • Tailor-made backup plan
  • Your own SSL certificate

Our cloud servers are located in an adapted and secured CO2-neutral TIER-3+ data center in Europe. We offer dedicated virtual servers running on redundant hardware. Our hardware and network are certified according to various systems (ISO 27001, PCI DSS, …) that guarantees maximum security of your data and privacy. You can find detailed technical information about our hosting download here.