Our approach

We manage your project most carefully


The FileMaker “Developer’s Essentials” examination scrutinizes both the depth and the range of the knowledge of the examinee. Every member of team is certified or are well on the way to becoming so. Each new version of FileMaker is accompanied by a new examination. This means that every one and a half years each member of the team has to undergo a thorough check of his or her product knowledge.

High coding standards

Every ClickWorks developer sticks closely to our in-house Development Guidelines. These are a series of agreements and conventions about how we organize our programming code. This is your guarantee that we can easily put several developers to work on your project. It also makes our applications easy to maintain. Our guidelines are available as a download at the foot of this page.


Open, honest and clear communications are an essential aspect of any software project. Our instructions often take us to the heart of your organization and what we do frequently has an impact on essential processes. We guarantee a transparent approach from day one. At the end of each month you automatically receive a detailed report on our activities. In this way you always know exactly what we are doing. If you prefer we can come and work on your premises.

Project planning

When we start on your project we draw up a project plan so that you know roughly when each component is to be tested or delivered. When time is critical to a project, we can make a time-based assessment to determine how many people will have to be put to work on a given module in order to meet the deadline. Take note! Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to test your new software so that we can quickly remedy any problems that may come to light.

Sharing knowledge

We like an open approach and are happy to share our expertise with you. Do you want to look over our shoulder to learn FileMaker for yourself? We’d be happy to help you. Would you like to tinker with the application yourself? Be our guest! You have a developer in-house who you want to work with us? Send him or her round! You can also often find us on internet forums like clarify.net or fmforums.com. Check out the blogs that you can find on this site too.

Other technologies

FileMaker is just part of our world. Our horizons stretch further and we are active in other technologies and programming languages, such as PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Drupal, XML/XSLT, and ODBC. In practice this means we can link your FileMaker application to your website, your accounting program, email server or some other application.


Please do not hesitate to contact us!