Driven and customer friendly

Joris Aarts

Joris has been over 20 years in IT, both as trainer and developer, and is a specialist in database applications such as FileMaker Pro, MS Access and MS SQL Server. Apart from his extensive experience he brings acute and probing analytical skills to bear. “Being a trainer has taught me how important the human factor is to the success of an IT project”. Joris is a FileMaker 7 to 19 Certified Developer. Apart from computing Joris has a great love of sailing.

Jeroen Aarts

Jeroen has been an IT professional for more than 16 years. He started as an in-house developer but since April 2005 has worked as an independent contractor. Jeroen is immensely experienced with FileMaker Pro and Microsoft SQL Server. He is also closely acquainted with XML and XSLT, PHP and MySQL, Javascript and SOAP. Jeroen is a FileMaker 8 to 19 Certified Developer. In the winter you are likely to see Jeroen breaking the ice on the pond prior to taking a freezing dip.

Nancy Van Poele

Nancy started in 2015 as our part-time Office Manager. She has more than 10 years of experience in the administration. Nancy is full of energy and a creative person who loves amongst many things calligraphy and flower arranging. She works wonders with the flora in our office.

Jan Stieperaere

Jan has been building databases every since his teenage years. Originally he worked in MS Access, but he learnt to work with Mac and Filemaker Pro when he was at film school. After a short stint as a sound technician/sound editor and Live Slow Motion specialist he succumbed to the database bug. Jan is a FileMaker 11 to 19 Certified Developer. Jan is very handy and has remodeled his home. Now he has time again for volleyball and to play with his two kids.

Jan Zelenka

Jan Zelenka joined ClickWorks at the end of April 2013. He has extensive knowledge and experience of Visual C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Java, MS SQL Servers, MySQL, OPC. Jan is a FileMaker 12 to 19 Certified Developer. He is all about robust code and best practices. As such, he supervises our internal development guidelines, standards and library. After hours you’ll find JanZ on the softball court.

Bert Servaes

Just graduated as an industrial engineer in informatics, Bert saw something in FileMaker. In 2015 he followed an intensive training program at ClickWorks where he became already noted in the first months for his sharp observation skills and strong analytical mind. He has definitely found himself a place in our team. Even after hours at ClickWorks he can not get enough of his computer although he uses a game controller then. Bert is FileMaker 15 to 19 Certified Developer.

Piet Geraerts

Piet finished his IT studies in the eighties of the last century. He worked in the graphic industry for years as designer, in-house developer and IT manager. Today he focuses on the enjoyable things of life like creating FileMaker solutions, riding his bike, playing the piano or relishing an insalata caprese on a piazza in Italy. Andiamo! Piet is a FileMaker 19 Certified Developer.

Lucas van Lieshout

Who knows that FileMaker started as  ‘Nutshell’ in the eighties? Lucas certainly does, because he already made databases with it. In his long career as a professional photographer, he has always followed closely the technology developments until FileMaker started playing a major role. Photography is now again just a hobby for Lucas. Lucas is FileMaker 15 to 19 Certified Developer.

Katia Royer

Katia obtained a master’s degree in restoration techniques in 2016 and immediately started at the museum of fine arts in Antwerp, where she was given works by Rubens and Memling, among others. 2 years later she founded her own restoration company as a secondary occupation: Atelier Royer.
A job as a product expert at Connective gave her a taste for ICT. With FileMaker, she is taking that path further to be able to build new apps herself and to give free rein to her creativity.
Katia competes at international level in the Snipe sailing class and is a certified sailing instructor.

Seppe Van Praet

After high school, Seppe chose with full conviction to study Biomedical Sciences. But after the first year, it turned out that sitting for hours on science courses is not his thing after all. Looking for a new field of study, he ended up at Digital Arts and Entertainment, where he could be more practical and creative. After a few years of learning programming and 3D modeling, he came into contact with FileMaker. A crash course and a month of self-study later, he joined ClickWorks as a junior developer in 2021.

Outside of work, Seppe is creatively involved in writing, soaking up music and culture. Interspersed with an occasional evening relaxing in the cinema or back behind the computer screen, playing games.

Anannyaa Panda

Anannyaa is a FileMaker developer. She was introduced to FileMaker 9 years ago at her first job and hasn’t looked back since. She has worked on a variety of projects in various fields and enjoys debugging software. She enjoys traveling and can be found exploring new places with her backpack in her spare time.




Antonio Vandekerckhove

Antonio has been working with Filemaker since the beginning of 2023, but is already building beautiful layouts through his experiences with front-end web development. Half Peruvian, you often see Antonio walking around in warm ponchos on colder days.

On the street you will find him on his fixed-gear bicycle and at home he plays with his cats and micromanages his houseplants.

Serhii Leshchenko

Since his teenage years, he has been immersed in programming, honing his skills and passion for solving intricate puzzles. With a seven-year academic journey in software engineering from his hometown of Kryvyi Rih, he deepened his expertise. In early 2023, he joined ClickWorks after relocating to Belgium.

Beyond programming, he has an insatiable curiosity for exploring new places and cultures, especially through their delicious cuisine. Whether through educational resources or his own travels, he constantly seeks to broaden his horizons. In his downtime, he finds joy in music, video games, and supporting Arsenal in football matches.

Dinara Valeeva

Dinara has been finding her way in development, exploring interests in web development, C# programming, and quality assurance. In 2023, her exploration led her to FileMaker, and she feels this is her place. She is excited for her journey with us.

Apart from development, she likes history, and playing the piano, Celtic lyre, and ukulele. Recently she has been interested in composing synth-wave music

Thomas Smedts

Thomas joined Clickworks in February 2024. He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical and mechanical engineering, and after several jobs as a master data analyst at big pharma and consultant software testing, he started working as a FileMaker developer at ClickWorks after a successful internship and obtaining the official Claris certificates. Logical reasoning, knowledge of different programming languages, hunting for bugs, and thinking in- and out-of-the-box about databases are his keywords as a developer.
Besides being an enthusiastic developer, Thomas is an advanced houseplant keeper and an ever-curious world traveler. He often can be found on his skateboard on the streets of Antwerp.