Join us at EngageU 2023!

By Joris.

What is going on?

Join us at EngageU, the premier European conference dedicated to the Claris® Platform: FileMaker, Connect, and Studio. EngageU 2023 is a conference where we will continue the collaboration that began in 2022 between ClickWorks and Square Moon. EngageU 2022 was a huge success, and we received a lot of encouragement to make this an annual event.

What makes EngageU unique?

  • It is a pan-European conference, not a regional event.
  • The working language is English
  • It is a traditional, scheduled conference (not an unconference) with:
    • 3 simultaneous tracks of sessions across three halls
    • Prepared presentations by selected speakers of international repute
    • Sessions by sponsors and vendors of software
    • An area with stands by sponsors
  • We choose an inspiring environment in a city with character
  • We plan two social events: an introduction on the evening before the conference and an extensive dinner on Monday evening.

What’s special this year?

We listened carefully to last year’s feedback, and we made the following improvements:

  • All rooms are on the ground floor. There are no stairs to climb.
  • All rooms open onto one central Atrium, where lunch is also served. So you don’t miss each other.
  • Sponsors also have their stands in this Atrium and have guaranteed visibility.
  • We have provided several break-out rooms for quiet retreats.
  • The social event on Sunday now also offers a full meal.
  • The dinner will be held in a unique location in the city that you, as a visitor, would not normally be able to see.
  • At both evening events, all drinks are included.
groundfloor of the conference

A word on Belgium…

Magritte, surrealistic painting of a man with his nowse in a pipe

Belgium has much more to offer than just its central European location. This is Magritte country. In Belgium, you are born with this absurd sense of humor. Don’t try to comprehend it.

This is the land of comic books, for which Tintin is known worldwide. But you may also know the Smurfs or Lucky Luke.

Tintin, destination moon
French fries with mayonaise

On the culinary front, there are the iconic fries: Belgian fries, not ‘French’ fries! Belgium also produces the world’s best chocolate and has a very large number of fantastic beers. However, French gastronomy has a strong influence on Belgian cuisine as a whole. There are 139 Michelin-starred restaurants in this small country!

The historic cities of Belgium are home to stunning cathedrals and old buildings. Bruges is the most well-known instance, but Ghent, Brussels, and… The historic city center of Antwerp gives you the impression that you have traveled back hundreds of years.

City view of Bruges

About Antwerp

Statue of BRabo in Antwerp

Legend has it that the city’s name comes from hand-throwing (hand-werpen). This is depicted by the statue of the little hero Brabo throwing the severed hand of the giant Antigoon. The statue stands in the Grand Place.

Antwerp was the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the sixteenth century. After the invention of printing, it was Christoffel Plantijn who managed to distribute large print runs all over Europe. This contributed a lot to intellectual development in Europe.

Plantijn museum, presses
Christoffel Plantijn

One of the biggest and best diamond centers in the world is Antwerp. A trip to the diamond museum is unquestionably required. The diamond industry is centered in the neighborhood where we stay.

Antwerp Diamonds

Antwerp is also the city of fashion. Antwerp’s fashion academy is renowned worldwide. The fashion district is located on Nationalestraat, Kammenstraat, and surrounding streets.