FileMaker Server 12 Admin Console and Java security

Some of our customers are still on FileMaker Server 12 for some reasons. The FileMaker Server Admin console application before version 13 uses Java Webstart and had it issues over the past years. Luckily, the FileMaker Server 13 Admin console uses HTML and goes for a smoother ride.

Recently, probable since the latest Java 8 update (31), we started having trouble starting the FileMaker Server 12 Admin console. The server has the latest FMS12v5 updater installed. When trying to access the Admin Console, you get a message telling you “Application Blocked by Java Security”.

<p>Fortunately, there is an easy fix for that. The fix is pretty much the same for Mac OS and Windows. On the machine you are trying to acces the Admin Console on, Open Preferences (Mac) or Control Panel (Win) and go to the Security tab. Enter the server's address (in the example 'localhost' as we are accessing the console from the server machine itself) as in the screenshot below. Make sure to add the port number 16000 as Java's security will be checking that as well.</p>
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