FileMaker and Mail clients

Windows users that want to send mails from their FileMaker App through their Mail client can be confronted with an error and/or the complete shutdown of their Mail client and FileMaker Pro. The cause for these errors and standstills lie in the installed versions of FileMaker Pro and the Mail client. For instance: the PC was installed with a 32-bit version of Microsoft Office with Microsoft Outlook. FileMaker Pro was later installed as a 64-bit version.

This conflict of bit – versions stand in between a fluid communication between applications. To solve the issue, it is sufficient to remove FileMaker Pro from the PC and reinstall it again in the right bit – version.

To easily find out which bit – version of Microsoft Office ( or any other application ) was installed on your computer, you can follow these steps:

  • open “My Computer” from the Start – menu;
  • open the “C:” – disk
  • you can now check two different folders: the folder “Applications” holds all applications installed as a 64-bit version and the folder “Applications (x86)” holds all applications installed as a 32-bit version.

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