FileMaker and Graph Databases

16/11/2018 | Joris Aarts

How can Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and Google provide recommendations in near-real time? What database engine is used to investigate the Panama papers? Can we tap into that power with FileMaker? Sure!
Learn more about the power of so called ‘graph databases’. I use the most popular one — Neo4j — as an example and show you step by step how to integrate a graph database in a FileMaker solution.

I am posting a series of 4 videos on YouTube:

Part 1: What is a Graph Database?

Download links for part 1:

Part 2: Importing FileMaker data in a Graph.

Download link for part 2: Personnel Database

Part 3: Updating a Graph from within FileMaker

Part 4: FileMaker with a Graph back-end

I used MAMP on my local machine to visualize Graph content in a web viewer. You may need to update the index.php file and the FileMaker script ‘POST json to visualizer’.

Note: a Graph Database Platform (GDP) is not the same as GraphQL ( a query language) nor is it the same as a chart (a visual representation of data) although a Graph Database like Neo4j includes a built-in browser that can render visual representations of queries.


  1. I am not a Graph database expert. I am merely a curious FileMaker developer looking beyond the horizon and exploring other technologies out there.
  2. I am using Neo4j as an example because they have a free downloadable Desktop Edition and a very good website. I am not in any way affiliated with Neo4j Inc.
  3. Connecting FileMaker to Neo4j involves cURL and JSON. These concepts are demonstrated but not explained step by step. For an introduction to cURL and JSON watch this video.

This presentation was also delivered in French at FMconf / Version Française.
This presentation was also delivered in Dutch at FMSummit / Nederlandse versie.