EngageU: a new European Conference for the Claris Platform

By Joris Aarts.

How it started:

Until 2019, before the start of the pandemic, there were 3 types of professional FileMaker events:

  1. The annual DevCon in the US: unique because of the information at the ‘source’.
  2. dotfmp.berlin: unique as non-conference due to the lack of a central agenda.
  3. Various mini-conferences, based on the DevCon model with a fixed agenda and aimed at a local audience: Belgium/Netherlands, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, and in 2019 also Turkey.

At the beginning of 2020, Claris took the initiative to unite the local mini-conferences into one European event with sessions in various languages. A few months later, the world was in lockdown.

Flash forward to February 2022: Claris announces that there will be no live event this year either. Fellow DevCon speaker Johan Hedman talks about the idea of ​​restarting the tradition of the Scandinavian DevCons and so the idea grows to open this up together into a wider European conference with English as the official language, as it was already the custom in Scandinavia.

Why Square Moon and ClickWorks?

Since 2017 I was a speaker at the various Scandinavian DevCons: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen.


I was very pleasantly surprised by the special attention to location, catering and by the significant benefits I received as a speaker. I got to know the various Scandinavian partners there. From those meetings grew a personal friendship with Johan Hedman who is now working at Square Moon.

Joris and Johan together on a conference

Square Moon also impressed with several presentations at those events that showed how passionate and professional they are with the Claris platform. Just like ClickWorks!

During the first exploratory meetings for EngageU, it quickly became clear that the ‘click’ is mutual.

What are the plans?

We want a conference of the level of DevCon, of and by European Claris professionals, but with an eye on the world.

  1. Three full-fledged ‘tracks’, so you have a wide choice of sessions.
  2. Speakers, from around the world and world-class.
  3. Sponsor booths and sponsor sessions to introduce you to the range of third-party products for FileMaker.
  4. Top-quality location and catering.

All information can be found on the website of EngageU.

What makes this event unique?

Our ambition is higher than just organizing the event. We want to make it an unforgettable experience. To start with, there is already a special location in the center of Malmö: Sankt Gertrud. This is undoubtedly the most charming conference venue you have ever visited!

illustration of Sankt Gertrud

In the good Scandinavian tradition, we also give significant benefits to our speakers, because we know how much time goes into a good presentation.

In the coming months, we will gradually reveal more about the various details that make this event a unique experience!