Custom Connectors, a game-changer for Claris Connect

By Jan Stieperaere.

With the introduction of Claris Connect Custom Connectors, we’ve taken a significant step forward in the evolution of the Claris Connect platform.

Claris Connect has always excelled at easily creating flows and connecting online services. However, there were instances where a ‘connector’ was missing or the right endpoints weren’t available. Those days are now behind us!

So, what are Custom Connectors?

Well, it is a way of creating your own Claris Connector without any knowledge of a programming language. A Claris Connector is ‘described’ in a language we all already know and love: JSON.

Creating a connector is not so hard. It involves two things:

  1. Specifying how to authenticate to the API
  2. Describing the API endpoints with the available actions

You need to be comfortable with APIs and JSON, so this is probably something for more advanced Claris Developers. But here’s the good news: once somebody makes a Custom Connector, it can be shared through Claris Marketplace, so everybody can make use of it. Because a custom connector is basically just JSON text, it can easily be shared, transferred, and integrated into your own projects. And you are not bound by that code. You can first make adaptations to it, test it, and debug it before publishing it to your team.

Are you missing a Connector and want to make your own?

There are several templates of working Custom Connectors ( OpenAI, GoogleMaps, … ) you can look at and see how the JSON is composed. There is a dedicated Claris Connect help section on custom connectors:

There, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to get started and all the details you need to know.

Some limitations of this initial release include:

  • No OAuth authentication. Only one-way authentications are supported: basic authentication, username/password, token, etc.
  • Only actions are supported. Triggers are not yet available.

I created a custom connector to connect to the Mollie Payments API. This allows you to use the Payments, Payment links, and Methods actions of Mollie in your flows. I also created a video on how to integrate and use it.

In my opinion, with this new feature set, the Claris Connect platform is on the next level!

Discover more about the power of Claris Connect here.

Enjoy connecting 😃