Spoor2 is a Solution Provider. This means that they give opportunities to people who cannot find a job in the regular labor market. They train them, teach them teamwork and give them a work rhythm. The aim is to have their employees move on to the regular economy. Spoor2 believes that people should be given opportunities. They have drawn up an ambitious growth plan to offer their employees a better follow-up.

The Growth Plan App raises the guidance to a higher level. Based on regular observations, goals are set together. A logical, phased growth path is the guiding principle. Thanks to the Growth Plan app, they can challenge their employees individually and monitor them. The app also ensures that all supervisors have a better understanding of the needs of their employees. In addition, the app provides a clear framework for concepts such as knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Thanks to the use of webdirect and scalable layouts, we were able to make the input and data available at all times from any device. The intuitive design makes the app easy to use. In addition, a number of parameters make it possible to enable the app for other organizational structures.

"With the Growth Plan app, we monitor the growth of our people and always know where to focus our coaching. Knowledge, skills, and attitudes are no longer vague but are systematically monitored and the many observations form the basis for an interesting conversation with each employee about their growth. After all, growth happens step by step. Drawing up a strong personal plan for someone's personal development is now a lot easier. We are proud that our supervisors now work enthusiastically with the app that ClickWorks built for us."

Wouter Bluekens

Personnel director