Pet Hospital

Real-time follow-up of patients in the waiting room, the hospital or undergoing treatment. Barcode readers for medical files, medication and animal feed sales. Automatic processing of external lab results.

In 2009, the Department of Biology and Veterinary Medicine for Small Animals (primarily cats and dogs) at Ghent University decided to optimize its patient follow-up system. The challenge was to develop a single system that could be used by veterinary surgeons active in 15 different specialisms yet nonetheless allow easy searching and reporting.

The system is now in place. Veterinarians specializing in many different fields can log in and work in an environment tailored to their needs. File codes, medication and animal feed are scanned in, which allows fast and error-free administrative processing. Students can easily browse the history of the tens of thousands of consultations that the database now contains. What is more, the application is visually attractive and easily accessible to the constantly changing staff of physicians and trainees working in the teaching hospital.

Key facts

  • real-time 7/7 & 24/24
  • 9000+ consults/year
  • 40+ team members
  • 15+ medical disciplines

Key features

  • Fonetic search
  • Barcode integration
  • MediBridge integration
  • import Lab-results


  • FileMaker 10

I am extremely satisfied with every aspect of the program in every aspect. A job well done!

Prof. Dr. Luc Van Ham

Department chair