Kwadro is a construction business that specializes in windows, doors en ports. It has a network of local sales offices and operational teams. We built a tailor-made sales app to manage leads. Users can manage leads, appointments, calculations and create nice-looking quotes. From an app on a mobile device – Kwadro uses iPads – salespersons are always connected, even when on-site. They walk around with the customer, register specifications in every detail, and draw windows and doors on the go. When back in the office, they continue to work on the project via the desktop application.

Dashboards allow salespersons and managers to follow up from a bird’s eye perspective.


The Kwadro website is linked with the application. We used the FileMaker Data API to gather leads coming in from the website in real time. Moreover, we build a link with MS Office365 agenda’s via the Microsoft Graph API.  Besides this, users can initiate outbound telephone calls with the simple press of a button. Incoming calls are marked within the app, and users can navigate directly to the caller’s project.

Below is a screenshot of the desktop app:

It used to be a lot of administrative work for salespeople to register details of a project during a site visit. A lot of actions were also required to provide a complete and detailed quote to our customers. With the new application, we have automated the entire workflow, and our employees have one central mobile and desktop application in which they can manage the entire project - from site visit to quotation.

Bernard Jansen

Digital Director