Aqualab Zuid

Each day, Aqualab Zuid receives a thousand water samples in their lab from the entire Southern-Netherlands region. More than sixty people are on the road with iPhones and iPads. They sync their planning and use the devices to scan bottles with the samples they take at various locations throughout their day. Aqualab relies on the versatility of the FileMaker Platform: Filemaker Go for the tablets in the field, FileMaker Pro and WebDirect in the office for planning and follow-up, and FileMaker Server for integration with their LIMS (Lab Information Management System).

Since 2015, ClickWorks is a trusted advisor for Aqualab Zuid. Together we built an ecosystem of smart apps for all aspects of water quality insurance.

Key facts

  • 1.000 samples each day
  • 60+ mobile users
  • ecosystem of apps

Key features

  • FileMaker Go on iPhone and iPad
  • Synchronisation of planning and sample data
  • Barcode scanning using FileMaker Go


  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • SQL Server
  • FileMaker data API

We used to spend two hours each day on paperwork, but now samples are scanned on the spot using an iPhone and the data is synced automatically with the lab. Now we can analyze the samples right after delivery.

Arno van Vugt

ICT director