AI demo: Free Business Card scanner

We leverage AI (openai’s chatGPT 3.5) to scan a business card and parse the information from it to create Company and Contact records in a FileMaker database.

Here’s the link to the demo file:

Please note:

  • The demo file is locked. You can test up to 20 scans with our API key. Have fun!
  • To unlock it, simply tap ‘Get Unlocked Version’ from the scan screen.
  • An unlocked copy with be placed on your device (iOS) or in the Documents folder.
  • You have full access to this file, so, you can review our scripts.
  • To use the unlocked file, you’ll need your own API key with This requires a paid subscription.
  • Text information from the business card will be uploaded to the chatGPT 3.5 API. Please check if openai’s privacy policy aligns with your business case.