Drawing in FileMaker… the easy way!
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Take your app to the next level with drawing capabilities. Let users snap a picture with their mobile device and add markings on the fly. Or start with a blank canvas and let your imagination run wild.

Easy to deploy
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EasyDraw is available as an Add-On for FileMaker 19 or higher. Integrating powerful drawing capabilities to your file is as easy as drag & drop!

Animation showing how to drag EasyDraw onto a layout
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Simple but very powerful. Start with this compact add-on and expand it to a powerful integrated drawing tool tailored to your specific needs.
Example usage scenario’s:

  • a construction workers draws a sketch of a building plan
  • a gardener snaps a picture of a tree and tags the branches that need to be cut
  • an insurance agent snaps a picture of a car and tags dents and scratches

Contact us if you need assistance with your project.

Easy to edit
edit drawings

The metadata of each individual item in your drawing  is stored to a text field (in JSON). You can load and edit existing drawings over and over again! It also allows you to search for and edit items in your drawing from within FileMaker.

Works with FileMaker Pro, Go and WebDirect
works with Pro and Go

Built for FileMaker 16 or later, EasyDraw works on MacOS, Windows and iOS. New: version 2.0 works on WebDirect with FileMaker Server 19!

Easy on the wallet
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Try our demo app for as long as you like. Buy the unlocked version for just $299.

Easy to deploy in older versions
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With FileMaker 16-18: just copy and paste a few objects to your app. To be precise: 1 table, 1 set of layout objects and 1 script folder. Piece of cake. We explain in less than 10 minutes how this works in the video below.