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Take your app to the next level with drawing capabilities. Let users snap a picture with their mobile device and add markings on the fly. Or start with a blank canvas and let your imagination run wild.

Easy to deploy

EasyDraw is available as an Add-On for FileMaker 19 or higher. Integrating powerful drawing capabilities to your file is as easy as drag & drop!


Simple but very powerful. Start with this compact add-on and expand it to a powerful integrated drawing tool tailored to your specific needs.
Example usage scenario’s:

  • a construction workers draws a sketch of a building plan
  • a gardener snaps a picture of a tree and tags the branches that need to be cut
  • an insurance agent snaps a picture of a car and tags dents and scratches

Contact us if you need assistance with your project.

Easy to edit

The metadata of each individual item in your drawing is stored to a text field (in JSON). You can load and edit existing drawings over and over again! It also allows you to search for and edit items in your drawing from within FileMaker.

Works with Filemaker Pro, Go and Webdirect

Built for FileMaker 16 or later, EasyDraw works on MacOS, Windows and iOS. New: version 2.0 works on WebDirect with FileMaker Server 19!

Easy to deploy in older versions

If you want to use EasyDraw with FileMaker 16, 17, or 18 download this file. This version will NOT work with WebDirect and is not available as an add-on. You’ll need FileMaker 19 for that.

With FileMaker 16-18: just copy and paste a few objects to your app. To be precise: 1 table, 1 set of layout objects, and 1 script folder. Piece of cake. We explain in less than 10 minutes how this works in the video below.


Where do I need to put the FileMaker 19 Add-On files after purchase?

To install the add-on, copy the EasyDraw folder to the appropriate location:

 MacOS: Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions/AddonModules

 Windows: AppData\Local\FileMaker\Extensions\AddonModules

Does EasyDraw work in a runtime?

We’re sorry but no. Runtimes are deprecated for a long time and the newer features required for EasyDraw are not supported by runtimes.

Can you add images from the clipboard, like printscreens?

It is not possible to paste images directly in EasyDraw but you can save them first as image files and then drag those files onto the canvas.

Are images stored in containers? Can I choose external storage for containers?

Yes, the final result is stored in a standard FileMaker container field. You are free to choose the storage options.

I understand that WebDirect is limited to FileMaker 19 or later, but does EasyDraw work with FileMaker Pro or Go on FileMaker server 18?

Sure it does!

Can we use different layouts to use for the drawing canvas, depending on the situation?

Yes, you can have different canvas layouts and modify the ‘EasyDraw.StartEdit’ script to dispatch to the desired layout depending on the situation.

The buttons on the drawing canvas appear out of sight.

Double-check the ‘EasyDraw’ layouts. Make sure that the web viewer object on that layout does not exceed the boundaries of the layout size or your canvas will get clipped in Browse Mode.

When I open the demo up on my iPhone 12 Pro the popup window where the drawing takes place is so small, can I make the popup fill the screen on the iPhone?

Check the ‘settings’ screen. For use on a Phone, you might want to set the ‘Window style’ to ‘original’.  The canvas will then appear in fullscreen.

Is it possible to edit the UI of the EasyDraw interface to match the colors and icons of my FileMaker solution?

The answer is yes. The JavaScript library we use for EasyDraw allows for almost unlimited customization. But to keep it ‘Easy’, we only expose a few options directly in FileMaker.

So, there are two options:

  1. If you’re not afraid to dive into JavaScript and CSS, you can adapt everything to your needs. Your license gives you full access to the source code.
  2. We have a lot of experience with this. You can hire us to change everything the way you want it. Send us your icon set and feature wish list and we’ll make it happen. We work with prepaid support packages.

Does EasyDraw work on Android?

Yes, with FileMaker Server 19 and WebDirect, you can use EasyDraw on Android devices with the Chrome browser.

How to change the orientation of the drawing window from landscape to portrait?

Go to Settings and adjust canvas height and canvas width. If you want your canvas to adapt dynamically to the available screen space, you can do so via a script.

Can I just drag and drop from the EasyDraw demo to my layout or do I have to purchase it before I can test it inside my application?

The free demo file is fully functional and allows you to test every feature of EasyDraw before purchase. After purchase, you’ll receive full access to the demo file and a download link to the FileMaker 19 add-on. You can just drag and drop this add-on to your layout.

I would like to have EasyDraw always load with a specific, static background image for the user to be able to draw on or annotate on. Is that possible with EasyDraw?

Yes, this is a built-in feature that you can try in the free demo file.

Go to settings and choose your static background picture. Every new image canvas will load with that image in the background.

Can you use EasyDraw for webdirect on iPad with the purpose of collecting signatures?

Sure you can. EasyDraw works on an iPad with FileMaker Go or WebDirect and it contains a freehand drawing tool that can be used for signatures. Just set the default tool, desired stroke width, and color in preferences and you’re good to go.

Does EasyDraw work with PDF files?

Yes! There are two ways:

  1. Choose ‘Start from picture’ if you want to use the PDF as a background and add markings or
  2. drag a PDF document onto the blank canvas to add the PDF as an object.

In both cases, the FIRST page of the PDF will be used. EasyDraw does not (yet) support multi-page PDF files.

I receive an error: “The FMP protocol is not working properly…” on macOS (pre 19)

On pre-19 versions of FileMaker, EasyDraw uses the ‘fmp18’ protocol for FileMaker 18 and the ‘FMP’ protocol for earlier versions. Please check if these protocols work correctly on your Mac.

 You might need to re-install FileMaker to fix this issue. Remember to restart your Mac after a new installation of FileMaker.

If we buy 1 license, will it work on all users? Or do we have to buy a license per user?

There is no limit on the number of users on the condition that you use one license of EasyDraw for one organization. If you want to deploy EasyDraw with a vertical solution across many organizations, then please let us know.