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Saving media files in FileMaker has never been easier!

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Drag & drop media files with clever functionality

Everything you need when dealing with media files in your database:

  • A nice, big dropzone to add media.
  • A portal to display thumbnails, file names and file size.
  • Buttons for preview, download and delete
  • A table with a complete set of calculated fields to extract useful data from your container
    • File extension
    • File size
    • File creation date
    • Picture height and width
    • Thumbnails

Nothing more… but also nothing less! The devil is in the details: expertly crafted object formatting and conditional show/hide make it seam like there is nothing to it… yet there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

Very small footprint in your database: just one table and one script.

Hey, it’s free. Check it out!

Easy to deploy

In this short video, we demonstrate how to install it and how it works.


How should I install the add-on after downloading it?

  • Download the add-on files from the website
  • Place the files in the AddonModules folder:
    • Mac: Macintosh HD > Users > [USERNAME] > Library > Application Support > FileMaker > Extensions > AddonModules
    • Windows: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\FileMaker\Extensions\AddonModules
  • Paste the files into the “AddonModules” folder.
  • Restart your FileMaker, the addon should now be available
  • The “library” folder is often hidden on MAC, another option is to go to the “Plugin” folder from FileMaker.
    • FileMaker Pro > Settings… > Plug Ins, then click ‘Reveal Plug-in Folder’.
  • This will take you to the desired location, but a few folders are too deep. You should go back a few steps from there to the path described earlier (it’s the general Extensions > AddonModules folder, NOT the one in the FileMaker Pro folder itself)