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Saving media files in FileMaker has never been easier!

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Drag & drop media files with clever functionality

Everything you need when dealing with media files in your database:

  • A nice, big dropzone to add media.
  • A portal to display thumbnails, file names and file size.
  • Buttons for preview, download and delete
  • A table with a complete set of calculated fields to extract useful data from your container
    • File extension
    • File size
    • File creation date
    • Picture height and width
    • Thumbnails

Nothing more… but also nothing less! The devil is in the details: expertly crafted object formatting and conditional show/hide make it seam like there is nothing to it… yet there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

Very small footprint in your database: just one table and one script.

Hey, it’s free. Check it out!

Easy to deploy

In this short video, we demonstrate how to install it and how it works.